Hall Of Fame


Thanks to those, who contributed to this website:

  • "English" Thorsten Dziomba
  • "Russian" Dr. Dmitri Kazantsev
  • "Italian" Dr. Claudio Dal Savio
  • "Polish" Dr. Andrzej Sikora
  • "Chinese" Dr. Ju-Yi Lee
  • "Japanese" Dr. Shuichi Dejima
  • "Finnish" Aarni Iho
  • "French" Dr. Stanislas Vertu
  • "Portuguese" Matthias F. Börner
  • "Hungarian" Dr. Gabor Molnar

Please, feel free to contact me, if you wish to appear in this "Hall of Fame" - the only thing you have to do, is to translate the "Introduction" into your language an send it to me...